Somewhere in the distant future...


Humanity has colonized most of Sol and is expanding colonization into Alpha Centauri.

First contact has been made, and more than once, it appeared hostile. Many new colonies were lost at the hands of hostile forces.

The hostile forces have been dubbed "The Invaders", named after their ultimate goal: Invading and destroying our freshly created colonies.


To defend our colony, the Sol Space Marine Corps, or SSMC, has developed the ultimate weapon: D-Fense!


You are in charge of operating D-Fense... Defend our colony, or face extinction!


Space D-Fense includes the following features:


● Challenging space defense levels that increase in difficulty

● Left-handed option mode

● Horizontal and vertical gaming option mode

● Google Play Leaderboard & Achievements

● In-game weapon upgrades



● Don't die, eject if needed!

● Take down as many space invaders as possible

● Collect trophies!

● Get the highest score. Become 1st on the leaderboard!


The way to success:

● Kill as many space invaders as possible

● Gain ranks, as higher ranks will multiply your score with a higher factor

● Progress in tiers by completing the game!

● The higher the tier, the higher the Invaders hitpoints, speed and fire rate. However, higher tiers will increase the reward for killing space invaders!

● Don't die! You can eject to restart the level without consequences.

Should you die, you can restart the level for an increasing number of credits.

If you cannot restart the level, you are considered 'Game Over', and you will start at the first level with your score reset to 0.

Your highscore will always be kept and visible on the leaderboard


● You can safely quit or restart Space D-Fense, to continue later:

You will restart at the level you left off.

Your score will be reset to the initial score you had on entering that level the first time during this tier.


● If you are about to die, press the "Eject Button", or press either the "Back button" on your device, or "Pause" and "Restart", or quit to main menu.

This way, you'll keep your score and level progress.


You can restart as many times as you like without a penalty. Just don't die, as this does have consequences.





● Death means back to level 1 with 0 points.

● Tiers and Ranks will always persist through death or restarts.

● Higher tiers & ranks give higher rewards for killing space invaders and completing the levels.

● Eject before you die, so you won't lose score.


● Is the tier too high, thus the invaders too strong? You can always manually reset the tier (Main Menu > Options) to tier 0.

This will preserve your level progress, rank, and score, but lowers the difficulty.



Have you got what it takes to be the Ultimate Defender?


Go, and save the colony!